The all-time high demand for chatbots and the popularity of Instagram at its peak, businesses have shifted their focus from traditional routes for customer engagement. Facebook’s statement of integrating Messenger to Instagram has also shed new light on the need for Messenger chatbots to integrate with Instagram to help build larger audiences and increase customer retention.

Chatbots are in demand in every industry recently. The access to internet has led to brands being visible on a global scale which has them scrambling to search for online sources of revenue. With the numerous potential customers visiting and interacting with apps and websites, businesses need modern ways to tackle customer queries, and generate as well as convert leads. This has been traditionally done with the help of more manpower and spending on customer executives. With the advancements in the development of chatbots and their ease-of-use, companies are now focusing on providing 24x7 support via AI-enhanced chatbots. They are not only more diligent and can be tailored according to use, but chatbots are also expected to deliver $8 billion in savings by 2022.

Rise of Instagram

Along with chatbots, social media websites, especially Instagram, has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years. Instagram has the 4th most users for any mobile app and is also the 6th most visited website.

With such a massive user base, businesses and brands eagerly look forward to Instagram as a means to interact with and attract potential customers. Building a brand on Instagram is a well-known tactic in the industry and companies often find themselves partnering with influencers on the app to advertise their content. Over 200 million users also visit a business page on the app daily, which leads to brands using all available features including interactive stories, Insta live, bios, feed posts to build awareness.

Integration of Messenger with Instagram Direct

The recent move by Facebook which integrated Messenger to Instagram Direct has been lauded by brands worldwide as it benefits them in a huge number of ways. The availability of wider consumer base through Instagram and the availability of user-friendly chatbots on Messenger will exponentially increase demand for integrating chatbots via Messenger App. With its ongoing beta phase, this step will attract customers as well as companies to identify the need for a custom chatbot to help with all business activities from lead generation to conversion and even post-sale queries and feedback.

An interesting use of chatbots to attract people through interactive Instagram stories was displayed by Jaimie Oliver. The swipe-up feature was used to redirect to a messenger link which would give you awesome food recipes by just using the emojis of ingredients. This explores the untapped potential of using a visual-dominated social media channel integrated with an AI-powered chatbot to grow your business and ensure visibility. The power of Instagram is such that more than 80% of users decide whether to make a purchase for a product or service on Instagram. These reasons compel businesses to adopt Instagram and curate marketing and promotion strategies specific to it for boosting sales and maximizing revenue.

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