How Chatbots Improve Customer Engagement

The whole world is going through a transition right now as the Covid-19

Image for post pandemic has had a massive impact on how businesses engage with their customers. Irrespective of how the crisis evolves, customers expect that at their end, they should receive a high level of service that’s responsive to their needs and queries. To meet customer expectations, businesses need to deploy operational agility in delivering customer engagement and support.

Fulfilling this objective requires that companies adjust their customer experience strategy and planning to dynamically address evolving customer needs.

These uncertain times place unprecedented strain on the customer engagement ability of businesses. Customer needs and expectations have to be taken care of in a personalized manner, and this needs to be done quickly because being helpful earns customers for a lifetime.

Redefine Customer Engagement

Because of social distancing, work from home has become the new normalthat has had an impact on everyone across the globe. Organizations need tomove away from the age-old physical, face to face channels and towardsdigital, self-service channels. Today, even customers have shifted over todigital mediums to deliver and access different services. The digitaltransformation trend has been around long before Covid-19, but the

pandemic has greatly accelerated it.Now that most businesses don’t have any physical presence, it’s moreimportant than ever to establish a dialogue with your customers. Companieshave to act fast and empower their employees by providing them with the

tools and training that is required by them to work effectively from home.Customers are now turning to self-service tools in the form of messaging,chats, and conversational bots, so we need to enable these tools in order toprovide a great customer experience at this time of social distancing.

Let’s assume that this crisis will have a very strong economic impact, as a lotof countries have already gone into recession; a lot of consumers will bereluctant to go back to their previous purchase habits. They won’t revert totheir mass consumption habits from before the crisis and will be much morecareful about what to buy. This calls for personalized offers, personalizedservices, and the personalized marketing approach that messaging provides.

How Chatbots have changed the customer service game

A Facebook study has found that 65% of Millennials, 65% of Gen Xers and 63%of Baby Boomers prefer interacting via messaging rather than callingcustomer service. Keeping the interest of their customers in mind,businesses need to start prioritizing the use of chatbots to better engagetheir customers and enhance user experience. A chatbot:

Is available 24/7 for the customers24/7 availability is one of the biggest perks of using chatbots forcustomer engagement. Support agents cannot work throughout theday as well as night. If there are teams taking different shifts to provide24/7 assistance, it’s going to cost a ton of money in wages andoverheads. Chatbots save a business moneyand are an effectivesolution to tackle this issue.A customer may have queries orissues that arise outside the regularservice hours of the business, but with chatbots you can provide themwith answers and resolutions at any time of the day, even during theunavailability of customer service staff.

2) Provides quick resolutions to issues

Majority of people who contact customer support have to wait a lot fora response or resolution. Long holding periods for phone support andslow email response times ruin customer experience. This ultimatelyharms the business as it ends up with unsatisfied customers. 90%customers expect an immediate response to their customer servicequeries.

With chatbots, there is no waiting time and immediate resolutions areprovided to the customers. This allows for faster response time whichresults in faster resolutions to customer support issues. Businesses canquickly engage their customers before they get frustrated. AnAccenture study found that chatbots could resolve 80% of chatsessions without the need to involve a human agent over chat orphone. As a result, agents are free to handle the issues that requirehuman involvement.

3) Provides accurate answers to simple questions

Most of the time, customers approach for assistance only to get a quickreply to simple questions, like information about their product’sfeatures, shipping and return policy, etc. , for which sending an email orwaiting several minutes to talk to an agent seems unnecessary.

Chatbots offer quick and accurate answers in such cases with zerowaiting time. Normally, companies go for chatbots with pre-definedresponses and rules for basic questions, but chatbots powered by AIand Machine Learning technology can provide personalized responses.

4) Ensure a personalized Customer Service experience

As chatbots are machines, they have the ability to process mountainsof data in the blink of an eye. They automatically collect customerdetails and purchase history from the CRM, providing them with anan instant personalized response that pertains to their previousexperience. This is an important time-saving benefit of chatbot sincehuman agents have to spend time sieving through the customerdatabase and finding the required information. This eliminates theneed for the customer, to go through the whole process of providingtheir order number to an agent and then waiting for them to look it upand provide a resolution.

5) Cross-promoting relevant products/services/content

Chatbots can also help engage customers through smooth cross-promotion. They execute this in a natural and non-pushy way that’srelevant to the ongoing conversation. For instance, say the customerwants more information regarding a particular product or service. Thechatbot could direct them to a high-quality blog post or webpage that

provides a thorough answer to their query.The chatbot may even cross-promoterelevant products or servicesthat go along with what the customer has already purchased or wishes to purchase.

Hence, we can conclude that there are tons of ways in which chatbotscan help a business in engaging their customers more effectively.Because they can quickly assess the customer, product and contentdatabases, they are exceptional at providing a personalizedexperience. To maximize the usage of chatbots to start delivering

better customer service and watch the business grow!

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