Facebook Ads and Chatbots

Updated: Mar 2

Businesses today are struggling to create advertisements that are which are efficient as well as successful to spread the brand name. Almost every brand wants to create ads on websites, blogs, Facebook, and other social media platforms and take leverage of the millions of already existing users.

The combination of Facebook and chatbots can help you out. Facebook currently has more than 2 billion users, and this broad audience creates excellent advertising possibilities.

Facebook ads provide an excellent way for personalized conversations between the business and client by redirecting the client to FB messenger as the destination instead of linking an ad from news feed to another website. This facilitates instant communication between the user and business just by clicking on your ad.

A bot would interact with a user and gather the required data, and if integrated with a CRM, this information would directly be transferred there.

Through targeted advertising on Facebook, a user would easily come across your ad and, if interested, would click on the button with CTA, starting a conversation with a chatbot in Messenger. Through personalized interaction with the user, a chatbot would improve your chances of closing the deal by multifold.

How Chatbots benefit your business?

• No delay in response:

Today’s fast-paced world demands everything to be done instantly. This requires that companies figure out new and improved ways to accelerate their business and not lag. The faster you reply to your customers, the more are your chances of closing sales for your business with them.

Customers tend to get upset if they don’t feel valued or appreciated by the agent. In this regard, chatbots are a safe bet as they are objective- free from the judgment and biases that affect human communications and decision-making. Chatbots are also error-free and provided standardized appropriate responses unlike human agents, who might give incorrect advice upon encountering a situation similar to one they had met earlier.

• Better relation-building :

Chatbot advertising provides the customers with a personalized experience of interaction with your brand. With this advertising technique, you can start a conversation effortlessly that makes the users feel secure and confident when it comes to using your products or utilizing your services. An added advantage of this combination is that once you’ve reached a user, you can approach them anytime.

• Reduced Bounce rate :

Chatbot advertising keeps the users on the same website, so it considerably reduces the bounce rate. Information collected about any use by a chatbot is much more reliable than redirecting them to a different website to fill out a registration form by them. This is possible because Messenger allows people to ask questions and get instant replies, all without having to leave Facebook.

• Boosting sales :

Conversing via a chatbot is beneficial not just for your business, but for the customer as well. Both parties receive more information in a better manner, and this gives you the opportunity to generate an offer that is much more suited and tailored to your customer’s needs.

How chatbots help businesses reduce cost by 30%

Chatbot guides the customer through the buying process to the required product. Messenger also supports setting up payment methods for a hassle-free check out without the need to leave Facebook. This advertising can have a significant impact on sales in the long run.

• Better local reach :

Chatbot advertising on Facebook helps companies attract a good number of local traffic to their business. You can customize the ad to reach a specific local audience that lives close by your workplace, and only those people will see your ads. Reaching the local crowd with some specific deal based offers can significantly improve your sales and increase your brand awareness as well.

For example, if you’ve recently opened your shop and want more people to know about it, you can place targeted ads on Facebook that offers discount coupons they can use if they visit your shop within some specified time limit, like three days or a week. You can add a CTA button to send a message regarding any queries, and after that, the chatbot will reach out to the people who’ve clicked on your ad.

Easy, eh?

• Re-reach people with customized messages:

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform because it’s open, and click-through rates are unparalleled. Using this combination for remarketing is a profitable idea. You can easily re-reach thousands of people with customized messages. Sending personalized messages to improve your chances of starting conversations that’ll end with closing a deal. These ads are not just limited to user’s news feed, but can also reach them naturally as direct messages in their inbox.

Facebook is the perfect platform for fast and effective remarketing, and the possibilities of chatbot advertising are huge.

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