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Increase sales, scale your support, upgrade your customer experience and save money by leveraging AI-enabled chatbots

What is DolphinChat?

DolphinChat is a conversational AI platform for building rich conversational experiences to enable seamless communication between organizations and consumers.


DolphinChat helps organizations to scale efficiently by providing 24*7 support, automating repetitive consumer queries, converting boring forms to interactive experiences for lead generation. This helps organizations to improve customer service, increase team efficiency, enhance customer experience and personalize the communication with consumers. 

Before DolphinChat

  1. Maintaining 24/7 support is a distant reality

  2. Agent time wasted on same, repetitive queries

  3. Customers are frustrated while waiting for assistance

  4. Customers find it hard to navigate on your website


After DolphinChat

  1. Maintain 24/7 support easily with automated chat

  2. AI handles simple, repetitive queries

  3. The chatbot provides instant assistance to customer queries

  4. Chatbot helps visitors to navigate your website

Personalize conversations at every step
of the customer's journey


Connect with your customers on the channel on their choice. Get in touch with your potential customer over channels like Facebook & WhatsApp.


Personalize your marketing efforts, collect & qualify leads automatically and send instant response to your customers with DolphinChat.


Build better customer experiences,

re-engage customers with personalized promotions lifelong relationships.


Be where your customers are

Establish your presence & maximize output using automated conversations

Website Chatbot

Help your website visitors to navigate easily, answer their questions & increase conversion by setting up a Website Chatbot.

whatsapp (5).png
WhatsApp Chatbot

With 1.5 billion users worldwide, use WhatsApp Business to connect, automate & scale your customer interactions.

facebook (1).png
Facebook Chatbot

Get more out of Facebook by a chatbot & turn your page into point of sales and & orders right on Facebook Messenger.

Telegram Chatbot

With 500 Million users worldwide, provide an end-to-end shopping experience to potential customers using a chatbot.

Why DolphinChat?


Improve your CSAT

Delight your customers with instant answers and a personalized service 24/7.


Faster Response Rate

Never let a customer go without an answer. Reply instantly to all customers using DolphinChat.


Better Customer Retention

Build relationships with your customers through interactive and tailored content, conversations.


​Enhance Lead Generation

Automatically collect, qualify and chat with your potential customers. Direct leads to your sales team.


Increase Conversions

Deliver a personalized experience by targeting audience demographics & user information.


Reduce Support Cost

Most frequently asked questions so your support agents can focus on more important tasks.

Get more out of the tools you already use

Our Solutions: Discover More Possibilities



EcommerceBot is an AI-enabled chatbot powered by DolphinChat that enables fully automated virtual digital stores for E-commerce companies, including everything from pre-sales to purchase and post-sales customer experience.


The Way we Make it Happen


Our team understands the business use-case, objectives & your targets to determine an implementation plan. A DolphinChat expert designs interactive conversational scripts and a procedural flow for the chatbot. We also offer design customization in terms of logos, colour, fonts & branding.

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Our team implements the plan and develops your chatbot that fulfills the business use-case requirements. The chatbot is built to achieve your goals, objectives as well as the functionalities required. NLP is layered in for more advanced and intelligent chatbots.

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Integration of the chatbot is done with the front-end channels as well the DolphinChat dashboard. Our team also integrates the 3rd party applications with your chatbot and gets it ready for the real world. After doing thorough testing at all levels, the chatbot is launched.

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Monitor the conversations happening on the chatbot in real-time & send alerts to your team based on automated triggers. Use the Human Handover feature to initiate Live Chat with your customers. Re-train the chatbot using the conversation data collected on the DolphinChat dashboard.

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